DON’T teach your child a second language

Don't teach your child a second language

Do you want your child to hate language learning? Do you want them to object to English (or Spanish, German or any other [second] language?) Then do the following: – Expect them to speak and use the language after one or two sessions. Don’t be patient and don’t be aware that the process of language [...]

A box full of… language!

A box full of... language!

A box full of what? Yes, language, or at least anything that can promote the playful use of a second language. At my workplace, it’s a flat, green IKEA box in which I store any material (e.g. printed and felt props, books) with which we play during the given period. Sometimes it occurs that I [...]

Free summer memory game to download

Free summer memory game to download

I created some cards I use with my children and with the little ones in the private daycare where I work. The topic is summer, of course, as summer has really arrived now in my country. The cards are free to download (see link at the bottom). What can you play with the cards to [...]

Language Play: H for Hangman

Language play: Hangman

I want to show you a classic game I used to play as a child – with a twist. I also used this when I taught at high school, and a couple of weeks ago the time arrived to introduce it to our home, especially to my daughter, who’s just finished 3rd grade at primary [...]

Pass on the Joy of Language Learning


After 9 years I have a better perspective of what I started then. Giving the opportunity of acquiring a language to my two children as a non-native speaker – in my country for many it is something shocking and reprehensible. They often mention hundred-times-heard misbeliefs and myths (for example this can cause personality disorders, to [...]