11 books to share with non-native speakers of English

11 children's books to share with non-native speakers of English

I’m a big fan of English picture books and I use a lot of them with my little “students” of English and with my children (who I raise bilingually as a non-native speaker). During the years I bought tons of books, and I love browsing the net for new ideas. Yesterday I bumped into Catherine’s [...]

Free “find the same” game to download

"Find the same" game free download

Play is essential, if you want to give the gift of bilingualism to your child. If you use games while talking to them in a second language, they’ll concentrate on the play part and on the tool itself and not on the efforts made while using the language. You can use any kind of games [...]

The funniest way of learning English

The funniest way of learning English for kids

Nowadays every night, before I tuck the kids into bed, I spend a few minutes in front of my laptop. I prepare something and in the meantime I sometimes laugh out loud. Instead of reading a bedtime story (or as an addition to it) I have to read this sheet of paper I’d printed, again [...]

DON’T teach your child a second language

Don't teach your child a second language

Do you want your child to hate language learning? Do you want them to object to English (or Spanish, German or any other [second] language?) Then do the following: – Expect them to speak and use the language after one or two sessions. Don’t be patient and don’t be aware that the process of language [...]

A box full of… language!

A box full of... language!

A box full of what? Yes, language, or at least anything that can promote the playful use of a second language. At my workplace, it’s a flat, green IKEA box in which I store any material (e.g. printed and felt props, books) with which we play during the given period. Sometimes it occurs that I [...]